Sunday, March 2, 2014

What Don’t You Know About Selling Your Home?

You want to handle selling a house on your own, but as soon as a difficult question comes
 your way, you realize how much you don’t know.
Here are examples of things that could arise when trying to sell your home. Do you know…
·   Whether you have to disclose that your roof leaked, if you’ve fixed it?
·    How a termination option works?
·    How to determine the highest price for your home without overpricing it?
·    If there’s a time limit for responding to a buyer’s offer?
·  Whether you must respond to buyers’ offers in a particular order?
·    How to know if a prospective buyer can actually qualify for a loan to purchase your home?
·    Who gets to choose the title company?
·     How to handle the sale if the buyer is making it contingent on the sale of her existing home?
·     Whether the refrigerator, drapes, wall-mounted TV, and chandelier are considered part of the sale?
·     What to do if the buyer proposes an amendment to the contract you already agreed upon?
·     Whether you can back out of the contract if a better offer comes along?
·     When you have to get a new survey and who pays it?
·     What to do if the survey shows that your neighbor’s fence is on your property?
·     What happens if an inspection turns up termite damage?

   The list goes on and on. If you've decided to list your home as a "For Sale by Owner", you 
   may want to rethink the wisdom of that decision.

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