Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Start your Business with a Plan

During these times of difficulty many of us who are out of work think about starting their own business.  Not a bad idea, if you're prepared.  Some people get so excited about wanting to start a business they just dive in without thinking through all the aspects of getting a business going.  Here is a recommendation.

Start by asking yourself, " Why am I going into business?"  Is it because you don't have a job and you need to do something to generate some money to support your family?  Is it because you always thought you would be good being a business owner or is it because you are passionate about something you've always wanted to do - provide a dynamite product or service to the public or other businesses.  If you're doing it for the first reason, don't go into business.  Starting a business requires a great deal of dedication, time and money to be successful and doing it for the money is for the wrong reason.

So, you've decided that you are passionate about the business you want to launch so you start thinking about what is the first step.  Well, you've already done the first step by asking yourself why you want to be in business.  The next step should be a stategic business plan.  What steps will you take to get the business up and running and keep it running. A business plan can help you stay organized and focused about what you need and don't need for your business.  If you've never developed a business plan before, you might try using plans that have been meticulously created for all sorts of businesses.  I'd recommend you check out the business plans on this website -  They are very detailed and affordable plus easy to use.  If you don't want to spend money on a business plan, go to the public library and go to the business section and look up a business plan book to help you with your plan development.

Once you have created your plan you have to implement it.  Keep in mind, however, plans should be flexible and altered to fit the circumstances as you move forward creating the business.  Sometimes a great idea placed in the business plan is not practical or economically feasible so just change it to meet your situation.  Just remember, no matter what the obstacles, you have to keep moving forward and developing what you say your business will be in your plan.  Don't wander down a rabbit hole or completely ignore the plan once it's developed.  That's a sure fire way to spend a lot of time and money without getting the business started.

Good luck with your business.  If successful, it will be the most rewarding thing you will ever do to make money.  Let me know here how you do with your business plans.